Twisted History

1998 / The College Years

Jason, J.J., and Wayne went to Stephen F. Austin University (“axe ‘em, Jacks!”), and shortly after college Michelle was introduced to the guys through a fellow alum. The four played softball together for years. (Ask about the ‘pantsing’s and The Rundown.)

2000 / Paying Their Dues

Wayne, Kat, and Jared started working together at Two Rows Brewery. Meanwhile, J.J., Michelle, Jason, and Quincy paid their dues as various corporate jobs…dreaming of the day they could all be together again.

2002 / Back to School

After getting canned for running his big mouth to some important peeps, Jason met Quincy in culinary school and bonded over their lifelong cheffy dream of a great burger joint.

2005 / Burger Dreams Come True

Jason and Quincy opened the first Twisted Root Burger Co. in Deep Ellum, and Michelle helped with branding. In the same year, Jason became an ordained minister and performed the wedding ceremony of Michelle and one of their fraternity brothers. (His record is currently 2 for 3.)

2009 / Fame!

Jason and Quincy appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives with Guy Fieri, launching the brand to the next level. Still running on Food Network, we gained national attention for our unique take on the old-school burger.

2010 / A Garage and A Drive-In

The SMU store opened in the Shelby Building across from the campus, and amped up the ‘themed’ store trend by playing off of the location’s history. Wayne and Jared joined the team at the fifth location in Fairview, and J.J. finally quit his ‘real’ job to come on board full time.

2011 / That There’s an RV

We opened the Legacy store at the bustling Shops of Legacy in Plano, and finished the year with the Arlington location close to Cowboys Stadium (after we drove our beat-up Winnebago down from Oklahoma).

2012 / Getcha Some T&A

Jason opened his second concept, Tacos & Avocados (affectionately abbreviated T&A…on purpose) on the same street as the third Twisted Root in Roanoke. It’s a fun and funky taco joint with our cheffy approach to quality and flavor.

2013 / Could We BE Any Busier?

Bedford opened early in the year, and Michelle jumped on board in time for the Bowlounge, Carrollton, and the first franchise in Shreveport…in the same month! Phillip joined the team full-time soon after they opened Jason’s third original concept, Truck Yard.