Best Customer Humiliation Dallas 2006

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Twisted Root Burger Co.

After telling a customer off and getting fired from his corporate job, proprietor Jason Boso turned to culinary school and found not only a new partner in Quincy Hart but a dream for a top-notch burger joint. Enter their brainchild Twisted Root. Hand-crafted patties of beef, turkey and occasionally ostrich and other specialty ingredients join forces with homemade root beer, original condiments, Chef Steve’s ice cream and incredible fries. All delicious. We’re talking lick-your-plate good. But that’s not the awesome part. After ordering, customers are given a slip of paper with a film or TV character’s name–Hot Lips Houlihan, that sort of thing. Customers read them and giggle, generally dismissing them until a booming voice calls them over the loudspeaker. This is no time for the timid. Boldly claim your name (we got Ivana Humpalot, and responded to our addresser with “Oh you do, huh?” garnering some applause from fellow diners), proceed to the counter and get rewarded with a completely satisfying meal…Or, be like our friend, shy and sheepish, and have them rib you until you get there. Either way, it’s gourmet abuse we fully appreciate.