By Grant Nuckolls, 2013 Shreveport Franchisee

I was the first franchisee–building the first stand-alone Twisted Root from the ground up–in the first market outside DFW. But I never once felt lost or felt like I was making an uninformed decision. I was able to take advantage of the success and experience of the Twisted Root team, and they were with me every step of the way; from the business formation through the store opening. Opening a Twisted Root in my hometown has been the best decision of my professional life, and has been a huge success beyond my wildest dreams.

Staff_Jason_GrantLike many out-of-towners, my first exposure to Twisted Root was on a rebroadcast of the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives” episode featuring the restaurant.  I thought it looked like a cool place with a great menu, so the next time my family went to Dallas, we went to the original Deep Ellum location.  I was immediately blown away at the funky atmosphere, the funny guy Quincy on the microphone, and the overall energy in the restaurant.  And that was before I sunk my teeth into the Ranch Hand burger and fried greenbeans!  While leaving the restaurant, I thought how cool it would be to have a place like this in Shreveport.  I made a promise to myself – whenever I change careers, these guys will be the first people I talk to.

Fast-forward a few years later, and a career change was in order.  I reached out to Jason, and we met in Dallas along with my Dad.  Immediately we hit it off, and I guess the timing was just right.  Over the next few months, I spent time getting to know the TR crew and working in their restaurants.  Not being from the restaurant industry, I knew I had a lot to learn.  A big selling point to me was the fact that the Twisted Root gang was an open book – they let me ask any question to any team member.  I worked in all their kitchens and really got to know their processes.  Even though I had a huge learning curve, everyone took the time early on to explain every process to me, from the grill to the balance sheet.  Every member of the Twisted Root team is a reflection of their restaurants – energetic, funky, hilarious, hardworking, successful, passionate.  You are not just a number or another franchisee, but rather you are treated as an integral member of the team.   No question is off limits, and no idea is left unheard.

I was confident that the restaurant would be a perfect fit for Shreveport, even though this would be the first restaurant outside of Dallas.  Twisted Roots are so well fit for any geographic area because of what the restaurant aims to be.  We are a fun and casual place serving the great American hamburger to every demographic.  We feature funky décor, fun bars, lively patios, and we strive to put a genuine smile on every face walking through the door.